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Fungicides leather types


One of the earliest use of antifungal agent of leather for 1934 using nitrophenol, then using β - naphthol, of chloro two cresol, salicylanilide and four chlorophenol [18].At present, used for leather mould inhibitor has the following categories (1): inorganic compound hypochlorous acid and its salts, sodium chlorite, iodide, potassium permanganate, boric acid and its salts, sulfite and Gioia sulfate etc..The compounds mainly as a fungicide products auxiliary components.

(2) organic phenol and phenolic halogenated phenols: main, phenol, cresol, tar phenol benzyl phenol, ethyl naphthol, amino phenol, halogenated phenols are chlorinated phenols, two chlorophenol, bromide phenol, cresol, 2,2- of chloro two methylene two chlorinated phenols.This kind of compound is used mostly before agent, however, with the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, this type of fungicide use has been limited, has gradually been replaced by other types of compounds.

(3) alcohols compound: benzene methanol, ethanol, nitro halogen alkyl alcohols.This compound is currently mainly used as fungicide products auxiliary components.

(4) aldehyde compounds: formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, nitrobenzene of formaldehyde, halogenated cinnamic aldehyde, furfural etc.At present, due to the formaldehyde content in leather more stringent requirements, this class of compounds as fungicides leather application prospect is not so good.

(5) organic acid compounds: sorbic acid and its salt, benzoic acid and its salts, chloroacetic acid, Phenoxy Acetic acid, alkyl thiocyanate, halogenated salicylic acid, salicylic acid and.This type of compound mold performance effected by pH, generally only suitable for use in acidic condition, the mold inhibition is not too strong, at present is mainly associated with the other kinds of compound compound, or as an adjunct to synergistic compositions using.

(6) esters: halogenated salicylic acid ester, methyl benzoate, halogenated vinyl phenyl ester, acetate, benzyl acetate five chlorophenyl twelve PHAs, α, β - unsaturated carboxylic acid ester.This kind of compound toxicity is relatively low, especially the alpha, beta-unsaturated carboxylate on mould effect comparatively well, is a kind of potential antifungal agent.

(7) amide compounds: halogen acetamide, salicylanilide, amino benzene sulfonamide, four chloro benzene two carbonitrile chips.Compounds of this class are now commonly used fungicide is one of the effective constituents, its mildewproof effect comparatively well.

(8) quaternary ammonium compounds: Twelve alkyl benzyl two methyl ammonium chloride (geramine), twelve alkyl benzyl two methyl ammonium bromide (Bromogeramine), alkyl pyridine hydrochloride, sixteen alkyl three methyl ammonium bromide (1631) etc..As a result of this kind of compound toxicity low, broad spectrum sterilization, high efficiency, has been widely used for surgical operation and medical equipment sterilization and disinfection; industrial circulating water treatment sterilization, algae removal; water treatment; Construction anticorrosion; agricultural, forestry, sericulture sterilizing agent and family, public sanitary washing disinfection [23].In leather industry, quaternary ammonium compounds are generally used as leather preservatives, and used fewer antifungal agent of leather.At present, the development of new quaternary ammonium salt bactericide composition for leather, and is also a research direction.

(9): benzimidazoles heterocyclic compounds, mercapto benzothiazole, and imidazole and its salt, six h three hydroxyethyl three triazine, nitro pyridine, quinoline and its salt, 8- benzo isothiazolin two ketone, methyl thiadiazole two qin.At present, most antifungal agent of leather with heterocyclic compound as active ingredient, its toxicity is low, wide sterilization spectrum, and the effect is very good, estimated in the future for a long time, the development of new heterocyclic compound bactericidal group, is still the mainstream direction of antifungal agent of leather manufacture.

(10) organic sulfur compounds: double three chloromethyl methyl sulfone, allicin, diphenyl sulfonyl halide pyridine sulfur, two people of dimethyl sulfide, thiol, five chloro Thiophenol and pyridine.Leather fungicide to organic sulfur compounds as the active ingredient is more, for example, 2- (sulfur cyano methyl sulfide) benzothiazole (TCMTB) are often classified as organic sulfur compounds.

(11): TiO2 nanometer inorganic nano material, nano, nano ZnO SiO2.The development of inorganic nanometer material antibacterial and antifungal agent of leather, is currently developing a hotspot, but mostly in the initial stage, the real use of nanoscale antifungal agent of leather products are reported.